Hi Everyone!

Hope everyone is enjoying the slight change in the weather!  It is not cooling off fast enough for me.  Just a thought on what NOT to do when you are in the middle of a divorce and custody dispute.  Do NOT involve your children.  Do NOT talk to your children about your divorce issues and do NOT disparage your spouse in front of the children!  So many people make the mistake of involving the children in their divorce to try and get the children to take sides in the divorce.  Remember your children know that they are  half you and half your spouse, and trying to gain their sympathy or involving them in adult issues, such as an affair by one party, is extremely hurtful and damaging to the children in any custody dispute.  Moreover, if the Judge hears that this behavior is going on, you will be admonished by the Judge and your case will be severely compromised.  Leave your children OUT of the divorce process and you will find your children will adjust to the divorce in a healthy way.  If you would like to discuss divorce, custody, or another family law matter in more detail, please call me for a free consultation anytime.