Hi everyone!  It is that time of the year again and maybe you are having a rough time going through a divorce or other family law matter.  It is tough time, but try to be kind and share you children with each other.  You only hurt the children when you don’t share over the Holidays!  Divorce and other family law matters, custody or even child support or alimony issues can be very hard over the Holidays, but If you can find kindness, forgiveness and giving in your heart, this is a good time.  Your children will be the direct beneficiaries and you and your spouse can try to heal and move on.  The most important thing in both your lives are the children and it is good to remember this.  If you need some help, or are now contemplating divorce or other family law matter, I am an experienced divorce and family law attorney and handle child support and alimony matters as well.  I am here to help. Please call anytime and I can guide you through the process.  Best wishes and Happy Holidays everyone!