Hi Everyone!  Well spring has sprung!!  But before you spring into that marriage that you are contemplating, protect your premarital assets and provide for security for your children of a prior relationship.  If you have substantial premarital assets and/or children from a prior relationship that you want to provide for, and are contemplating marriage protect yourself with a prenuptial agreement.  It can protect you in the future after you are married in the unfortunate event of a divorce or other family law proceeding involving your contemplated marriage and provide for the security for your children of a prior relationship.  No one enters into a marriage thinking it will ultimately end in divorce, but sad to say, statistics say otherwise and for peace of mind, be prepared.  If you would like discuss this matter or any other divorce or family law matter I am here and happy to help.  I am an experienced family law and divorce attorney and can answer all your questions.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me for a free consultation if I can be of service!