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Experienced and Hard-Working
Posted by: Mark (Client Review)

Wendi is an experienced and very hard-working attorney. She is honest, smart, aggressive, and gets emotionally invested in her cases. She understands even the most complex of cases, and has the knowledge and experience to tackle even the most hopeless problems and she won’t make any promises she can’t keep. Wendi helped me keep my young boys with me (their father) when most cases favor the mother. I have, and will continue to refer anyone I know to her for family legal advice.

Easy and Stress-Free
Posted by: B Gregs (Google Review)

Client review: It was a pleasure having Wendi and her associates working with me! They have made the whole process easy and stress free for me! I will be recommending them from now on to any body that needs a family law attorney!!!

Extremely Professional, Efficient, and Patient
Posted by: Sheri L (Google Review)

Client review: Extremely professional, efficient and patient! Wendy and Nicole have gone above and beyond for me and my experience was terrific. Client for life.

Posted by: P Guida (Google Review)

Client review: Wendi Gonzales and her paralegal are awesome. I would recommend highly to anyone.

Highly Recommend
Posted by: E Filipovitz (Google Review)

Client review: I highly recommend Wendi. She was great throughout the process.

Caring and Professional
Posted by: I Tobin (Google review)

Client review: Both Ms. Hall-Gonzalez and her assistant Nicole Patterson helped me through a very difficult divorce. They are both very caring and professional. They always returned my calls quickly and answered any questions I had. They both helped me tremendously through very anxious days and prepared me well in advance of all correspondence and upcoming judicial procedures. Both Wendi and Nicole showed me sincere empathy and caring that I needed through this. I thank them both for everything they did for me.

Worth Every Penny
Posted by: T Robinson (Google review)

Client Review: I needed a family attorney stat and Wendi came highly recommended. Even though it was slightly short notice she was still able to represent me. If you want an attorney who cares and will fight for you, she is worth every penny!

Compassionate Professional
Posted by: T McCraney (Google review)

Client Review: Wendi is wonderful . She’s a caring and compassionate professional. I would recommend her to all.

Consummate Professionals
Posted by: G Planzo (Google review)

Client Review: Wendi and Laurie are consummate professionals. Wendi helped me retain primary custody of my daughter through a very complicated case. Wendi remembers every detail, she is empathetic and caring, her family law knowledge and expertise are unmatched and she does what is best for your child. If only all family law attorneys had her standards. I highly recommend her and her team. She is kind and patient and passionate about helping protect children. Thank you Wendi from the bottom of our hearts.

Highly Recommended!
Posted by: K Turner (Google review)

Client Review: Wendi and Laurie helped me through my divorce and I am so appreciative. Wendi was recommended to me from someone who works at another firm. I figured if someone is recommending someone at a different firm, that speaks loudly! Everything has worked out very well and I highly recommend their services!

Quick and Effective Results
Posted by: C Moreau (Google review)

Client Review: I highly recommend Wendi and her staff (shout out to Laurie) for your family law cases; they are great. I had a simple case and needed it over QUICKLY. During the consult, Wendi told me she could do it and she was true to her word; working with her made the process a lot easier. THANK YOU!

Great Team
Posted by: Colleen G. (Google review)

Client Review: I highly recommend Wendi if you are looking for someone for your Family Law needs. Wendi is very passionate in what she stands for and is always there with answers to questions whenever you need her. Her right- hand man, Laurie, is great at letting you know what and when you need something, there, as well , to answer many many questions at any given time, and always keeps you informed on the process so you are never left in the dark. This is a great team to turn to when you are going through one of the most emotionally draining parts of your life. They keep your spirits up!

Supportive, Encouraging and Effective
Posted by: Shawn D. (Google review)

Client Review: Wendi was like a guardian angel. She was supportive, encouraging and most importantly of all, effective! We were involved in a high-conflict case, but with Wendi’s legal advice, we were able to reach an agreement that pleased all parties. For anyone seeking outstanding representation, Wendi is the way to go!

Honest, Authentic Advice
Posted by: Renee (Google review)

Client Review: I met Wendi and Laurie in 2015 when I was going through a very emotionally overwhelming time in my life regarding family law. Wendi gave me the facts straight on our first initial meet up and was honest throughout the entire time. She wasn’t afraid to tell me if my thoughts were incorrect, and I really appreciated her honesty which also saved me a lot of money. She also gave me great advice on how to handle certain aspects and explained the process of law; versus just pointing her finger on where we need to go. She educates you versus just showing up to court. If I could describe her brand, I would say she is authentic. Her character is transparent and she empathizes with her clients no matter the situation. Laurie is also authentic and she has done an excellent job in keeping the admin side of this law firm in great standing. I truly appreciate the hard work that Wendi and Laurie have shown to me. Wendi’s experience within the Pinellas County Family Law Division is extensive and I highly recommend her!!!

Posted by: JoAnn (Google review)

Client Review: Both Wendi and her assistant Laurie are remarkable. I highly recommend them for any of your legal family law needs.

Invaluable in a Stressful Time
Posted by: V/R Robert Nims

Client Review: I recently used the services of the Hall-Gonzales law firm. Wendi and her staff (specifically Laurie) were invaluable in a stressful time. All my questions were answered and every contingent discussed, ensuring a quick process once in the courtroom. Thanks for all your help.

Amazing To Work With
Posted by: Kristina

Client Review: I can’t begin to express how thankful I am to have had such an amazing attorney!! Wendi and her paralegal Tracy are both amazing to work with! Wendi is very honest and will tell you from the start exactly where you stand with things. She is there to fight for you, not just take your money. My divorce was done quickly and I got everything I wanted out of my divorce. I got the custody and visitation arrangement I wanted with the kids. She or Tracy will always keep you informed on everything that goes on with your case. I never felt out of the loop. Any questions or concerns I had were always answered and addressed in a very timely fashion. If you want a good lawyer who is not just going to take your money but will fight for you then Wendi is definitely the attorney for you! Her and Tracy are very knowledgeable and know exactly what they are doing! Thank you so much!!!

Great Attorney And Even Greater Person
Posted by: Jimmy G.

Client Review: “My association with Wendi Hall-Gonzales dates back to 1996. Oddly enough my first involvement with Wendi was from the other side of the table. She represented my ex-wife and once I met Wendi I knew I was in trouble as my lawyer could not even come close to matching her abilities. Since that occasion, I have called on Wendi twice to represent myself and most recently my son. For both proceedings, the outcome was very favorable. Seeing Wendi work is a thing of beauty as she genuinely has her clients best interests at heart. I personally like the confidence she exudes, which during trying times for her clients, it serves to keep them calm and confident that everything is going to be just fine. Wendi is a great attorney but even greater person.”

Genuine Compassion
Posted by: Trish

Client Review: “I first met Wendi when she was introduced at a support group for victims of domestic abuse. During her question and answer section of the evening, it was obvious that Wendi really cared and that this was not just about making a buck. High praise for any attorney! I set up a consultation shortly thereafter and found that she and her staff were there for me during my ugly and difficult divorce at every turn. She not only knows her stuff, but will hold your hand if you need one.”

Divorce Success!
Posted by: a Divorce client, 2 months ago.

Client Review: I was lost when I was served with divorce papers and a close friend recommended Wendi telling me that she was the best! I agree! My children and I were cut off and left with nothing, and she immediately contacted his attorney and arranged for my husband to restore my funds. From that day, she was on my case and made the divorce process much easier. Her assistant made sure that I was able to be in contact with Wendi or receive a message back from her, most times within hours, if not, by the next day. After my original divorce, I had issues with child support and I immediately called her assistant and Wendi was on the case. Their office treats you like one of the family, not just a client.

Honest, Sincere, Respectful and Effective team with RESULTS!
Posted by: Nanette, a Divorce client, 2 months ago.

Client Review: The process of a divorce is not easy one. My first meeting with Wendi L. Hall-Gonzales was my 3rd attorney interview. I immediately felt comfortable and confident she was going to guide me safely through this journey. I talked, she patiently listened and together we determined a path of action. I confidently made my decision to have Wendi represent me.

Throughout the process, I worked with both Wendi and her assistant, Dallas. The many stages of fact gathering, providing documentation, creating filings and reviewing activity with Dallas was both simple and concise. Her knowledge and support provided the guidance I needed to get things done.

My divorce is final now, and that was only able to come to a close based on my trust in them and their trust in me. I was treated like a person, not just a client on paper.

I was extremely satisfied with Wendi L Hall-Gonzales and recommend her services to others.

Posted on AVVO

Client Review: Attorney Hall-Gonzales and her staff were compassionate to my situation and were able to immediately begin work, and keep me informed. She was able to accomplish within months what others were unable to accomplish in years regarding locating and filing suit against my former husband. I would highly recommend Wendi Hall-Gonzales to anyone who needs assistance with a divorce or child support problem.

Posted by Patrice

Client Review: I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Wendi Hall-Gonzales.

In July, 2010 I met with Wendi in her office for a consultation. Wendi did an excellent job of making me feel comfortable and important as a potential client. I was seeking counsel for a divorce. Wendi listened intently without interruption. After determining that I would be going forward with the divorce, Wendi explained the process, including the retainer, and other potential costs. She took the time to explain things that I could do on my own that would help avoid some of the smaller costs for certain items. The mediation was difficult for me, however, Wendi represented my best interest, and once again gave me a sense of comfort during the process. The divorce was final in November 2012.

I am extremely satisfied with the final judgment and the counsel that I received from Wendi and her staff. I would recommend Wendi and her staff to friends, family and any others who would ask for a referral.

Posted by Deb

Client Review: I highly recommend Wendi Hall-Gonzales PA as the best attorney I have ever had. I have used Wendi as my attorney for over twelve years for a few different issues, as well and referred multiple happy customers to her. The first time I met Wendi, I was going through a very difficult divorce and my ex was abusive to my children, my prior lawyer had given me very bad advice and basically took my money with bad results. I found Wendi through a friend and began the process of protecting my children from further abuse. Wendi was kind, compassionate, knowledgeable, but most of all tough in and out of the court room. Wendi didn’t let my kids become another statistic of where the system fails to protect children from abuse. Wendi went above and beyond to protect my kids and gave them a voice where another attorney had failed them. It was not an easy process, but Wendi explained every detail to me and gave me the confidence I needed to protect my children and complete my divorce. Wendi is not just my attorney, she has become my friend and I trust her. How many lawyers have you ever had, that you can say you trust? I endorse Wendi L. Hall-Gonzales PA as the best attorney you will find in Pinellas/Pasco Florida!

Posted by Ryan

Client Review: Wendi is hands down the one attorney that you want on your side while going through a divorce. She is highly motivated and has great knowledge in the divorce field. I would recommend her to anyone going through marital issues and will use her in the future.

Posted by Helen

Client Review: Through business association, I became aware of Wendi’s reputation as a highly respected, credible and aggressive attorney. When I was a victim of crime, I was able to witness her expertise in action. I was robbed at gunpoint in the parking lot of a major hotel while out of town on a business trip. It was a traumatic experience for me and became even worse when I learned from the police that guests were routinely robbed in that parking lot. I asked the hotel management to reimburse me for my actual losses which only included cash and the contents of my purse (a few hundred dollars). They declined, assuring me it was an isolated incident that never happened before, therefore they were not responsible. I knew that to be untrue from talking to the police and felt that the hotel had demonstrated gross lack of concern for my well-being. I contacted Wendi Hall-Gonzales.

Wendi was extremely compassionate, clearly had my best interest in mind, and was very determined to force the hotel not only to reimburse me for my losses, but to pay for their lack of security and concern for their guests’ safety. I did nothing further, expecting at some point to get a check for a few hundred dollars. Within a few days, Wendi contacted me and stated that the hotel was willing to pay $6000 (they started with an offer much lower which Wendi refused to accept and negotiated upwards). Wendi also informed me that if I wished to pursue the matter in court, the award could be substantially higher. I was so thrilled at what she had already achieved, I accepted the offer. I am grateful for what she did for me.

I have utilized Wendi’s expertise over the years, and will continue to turn to her for legal matters. I know firsthand that she gets the job done.

I have also referred my family, friends and business associates to Wendi, particularly for family law matters, which is her expertise. Wendi is highly professional, knowledgeable, and action oriented. She will have your best interest in mind and will work aggressively to achieve the greatest possible outcome for you. She is also a very pleasant person and easy to talk to, which is important when experiencing stressful issues that require legal counsel.

Current 13 year client

Client Review: Wendi is an amazing attorney. She is honest, doesn’t pull any nonsense and gives 110%. She does not fold under difficult cases, and has the knowledge and experience to tackle even the most hopeless problems (like mine) and she won’t make any promises she can’t keep. She’s been nothing short of a miracle worker and I have, and will continue to refer anyone I know to her for legal advice

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