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Family Law & Divorce Attorney, Wendi L. Hall-Gonzales, has been serving Pinellas, Pasco, Hillsborough, and Hernando counties for over 20 years.

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September 27, 2017 by Wendi Hall-Gonzales

Hi Everyone!  Been a while since this family law attorney, divorce attorney, custody attorney, high asset divorce attorney, child support attorney, alimony attorney has been on this blog!!!  Been so busy!!  Just wanted to say that I am an experienced female divorce, family law, custody, child support, high asset divorce attorney and alimony attorney assisting clients in Palm Harbor, Dunedin, Tarpon Springs, New Port Richey, Port Richey, Clearwater, Safety Harbor, and Oldsmar, FL that can help you compassionately through this process, whatever your situation, whether you have been married or not.  If you have children, they are the most important part of your life and you need guidance through this difficult situation.  I am here to help!  This divorce attorney and family law attorney is experienced in all aspects of family law and divorce law and I am a custody attorney, child support attorney high asset divorce attorney and alimony attorney, as well.  I can help with all your needs with compassion and understanding!  Call me for a free consultation and same day appointment (may be by phone) and I will help you through this difficult time…


November 11, 2015 by Wendi Hall-Gonzales

Hi Everyone!  Just a quick note to let you know I am a divorce attorney in Clearwater, Palm Harbor, Dunedin, Tarpon Springs, New Port Richey, Land O Lakes and Tampa!  I travel to Pinellas, Pasco and Hillsborough counties and I have offices in Palm Harbor and Land O Lakes.  If you need a divorce attorney, family law attorney, custody attorney, support attorney, or just someone to talk to about divorce or family law matters  in Clearwater, Palm Harbor, Dunedin, Tarpon Springs, New Port Richey, Land O Lakes or Tampa areas I am here to help.  I offer free consultations and same day appointments for your convenience, even after hours, if necessary!  Don’t hesitate to call and enjoy my website!


December 9, 2014 by Wendi Hall-Gonzales

Hi Everyone!  Happy Holidays to all!  It is getting close and hope you all have your shopping done and are ready to enjoy this wonderful season.  If you don’t feel much like Christmas because of a possible divorce or other family law matter, please feel free to call on me for a helping hand to help guide you through this tough process.  I know it is a hard time and I can be the understanding ear you need, with some very useful tips and advice.  Whether it is divorce or other family law matter I can help!  Please let me know how I can be there for you!

What NOT to do in a divorce and custody dispute

October 15, 2014 by Wendi Hall-Gonzales

Hi Everyone!

Hope everyone is enjoying the slight change in the weather!  It is not cooling off fast enough for me.  Just a thought on what NOT to do when you are in the middle of a divorce and custody dispute.  Do NOT involve your children.  Do NOT talk to your children about your divorce issues and do NOT disparage your spouse in front of the children!  So many people make the mistake of involving the children in their divorce to try and get the children to take sides in the divorce.  Remember your children know that they are  half you and half your spouse, and trying to gain their sympathy or involving them in adult issues, such as an affair by one party, is extremely hurtful and damaging to the children in any custody dispute.  Moreover, if the Judge hears that this behavior is going on, you will be admonished by the Judge and your case will be severely compromised.  Leave your children OUT of the divorce process and you will find your children will adjust to the divorce in a healthy way.  If you would like to discuss divorce, custody, or another family law matter in more detail, please call me for a free consultation anytime.


Holiday Time-Sharing

November 27, 2013 by Wendi Hall-Gonzales

The holidays are fast approaching.  Take some stress out of this year’s festivities by getting a head-start on your time sharing schedule.  Parents should consider the best interest of their minor children when discussing schedules.  If you have reached an agreement, it should address the holiday schedule in the parenting plan.  Parents should follow this schedule to prevent unpleasantness during the holidays.  If a change is needed, the parties should discuss well in advance to make sure everyone is agreeable.  If an agreement has not been reached, parents should consider family traditions, age of the children and whether it is possible for the parents to split the holiday equally.  The Florida Supreme Court approved Parenting Plan [form 12.995(a)] supplies a standard guideline to assist families in agreeing on a schedule.  With a little communication, compromise and consideration, children can enjoy their holidays with both parents.

Payment of Attorney’s Fees

November 15, 2013 by Wendi Hall-Gonzales

In some instances, Florida Family Law Courts can order one party to pay a portion or all of the other party’s reasonable attorney’s fees. The Court considers the earnings of the parties and the resources that each has available to pay attorney’s fees. The Court must make a decision as to whether the requesting party has need and the other party has the ability to pay the attorney’s fees. If the Court decides there is need and ability to pay, they are then able to order the reasonable attorney’s fees paid to the requesting party. Courts may also award attorney’s fees in instances where one party has caused unnecessary delay and litigation.

For more information see Florida Statute 61.16.


Mediation Services to Help You and Your Spouse Settle Your Dissolution Issues and Arrive at an Amicable Settlement

October 6, 2013 by whg1

I am a Supreme Court Certified Family Law Mediator and I will provide mediation services for you and your spouse in my office for up to three and one-half (3 1/2) hours per session at very affordable rates.

Payments: For your convenience our office accepts Checks, Cash, Money Orders, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and Pay pal for payment of fees.

Free Initial Personal Consultation Based Upon Your Particular Facts and Circumstances

October 6, 2013 by whg1

Are you considering a divorce or are you already in a divorce proceeding without an attorney? If you are, would you like expert advice on your legal rights and how the Courts determine issues such as custody, child support, alimony, time sharing and equitable distribution? Do you have an upcoming motion hearing or contested final hearing in your case? Would you like expert advice on how to properly present yourself at the motion hearing or contested final hearing from an experienced family law attorney? I am pleased to provide legal advice regarding these issues at reasonable rates.

Please contact our office at (727) 781-8803 if you wish to schedule a free consultation or you have any questions.

Uncontested Divorce / Agreed Upon Terms Divorce

October 5, 2013 by whg1

I will provide you with expert legal representation and will prepare all of your documentation for you including your initial pleadings, settlement agreement, parenting plan and time sharing schedule and calculation of the appropriate child support amount and attend your Final Hearing with you, at a very affordable flat rate.

Please call (727) 781-8803 today for your Free Consultation.

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